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If anybody has been through a lot regarding their wedding, it’s this couple. Not only were they faced with the challenges of a pandemic while planning a wedding, but their original venue closed its doors, leaving them stranded to find a new venue. Despite the challenges, one thing always remained…their love for each other. One […]

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INDIVIDUAL HEADSHOTS Remember, these are YOUR photos and should represent who you are in whatever profession you are in, while also showing your personality. Your headshot is your first impression and enables you to attract your potential employer or next customer. For example, if you love hot pink but are pursuing a traditional industry, wear […]

Do you want to hear the most amazing love story, ever? Maddy and Tanner both grew up in Colorado. About 20 minutes from each other, actually. Although they lived so close, they never knew of each other. After looking at a few different college’s to attend, Maddy decided she wanted to go to Simpson College. […]

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Do you want to hear the best dating story, ever? I have it for you here. Kayla + Cody grew up together. Their parents were good friends, and they even owned condos on the lake by each other. In fact, they lived right above/below each other. Years later, they each decided to get on the […]

Oh, Kelli + Keith…where to begin with these two love birds. I actually just met Kelli + Keith last month after she reached out to me about shooting their wedding. They wanted something small and simple, but still elegant and beautiful. And that is exactly what they got. We started off at Hotel Renovo, then […]

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Do you want to hear something kind of crazy? It’s not that crazy that I had never met the bride and groom until the wedding day … sometimes that happens, especially when they live out of state; but what is even crazier is that I had only known I was shooting this wedding a few […]

I can’t believe I am here, at this point. At the point that I have talked to myself about for three years. I knew one day I would be able to tell my story, and here I am. I have written this in my head over and over again, and at one point, started to […]

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It’s time for those gorgeous family photos, but along with that, comes a lot of stress! What to wear, losing that 10 extra pounds that you swore you would lose last year before next year’s pictures (we’ve all been there!), and constantly thinking “what if the kids don’t behave?” Well, no need to fret! I […]

More than any other question, clients always ask what they should wear to their family session. Choosing your outfits can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! I am here to help!To start off, here are some sample clothing boards and color palettes to jump-start you as you plan your family’s clothing. […]

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I have known Spencer’s amazing family for a while now. Spencer and I went to the same high school, and I played volleyball with his sister, so we were around each other quite a bit during the season. When Spencer and his (then fiance) asked to meet with me to discuss their upcoming wedding, I […]

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